For many people, weight control has been an elusive, self-punishing struggle for which there seems to be no answer — no matter what you do, the pounds don’t seem to come off.

In some cases, that may be because you are consuming more calories, or burning fewer calories, than you think. In other cases, it may have to do with your genes, metabolic factors, or even the microbes in your intestinal system.

The intent of the
National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance is to help people like you, who are struggling with weight loss resistance, to find each other and to find experts in weight loss. Together we may be able to find solutions we haven’t been able to find alone.

The National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance offers:

• A lively community where you can exchange your ideas, stories, and tips, and where you can find support

• Latest and most reliable information about weight loss resistance

• Research - thanks to your contribution, we are creating a registry to identify and study all the factors that may contribute to weight loss resistance

Exchange, networking, sharing, empowerment and research

These are the key words of the National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance.

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