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Daily Steps to Better Health with Kelly, CHHC, CNS

Your Daily Dose of Water..How Much is enough?? This is a question many of my clients ask and can be somewhat confusing. Some experts say 8 glasses for 8oz, while others say, you should drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces a day. My answer... it depends on your daily water dose from food, and Dr. Oz would back me up on this one. Recently Dr. Oz has said, that you can get 50% of your daily dose of H2O from Fruits and Veggies. Broccoli alone is almost 92% water and a Pear is 84% water. Having raw foods in your diet, such as raw veggies, salads and fruits will help you body stay in balance. How much are you drinking? And what can you change in your diet that can help hydrate you and rid the toxins from your body for better health? Let our community what works for you!! I Look forward to hearing from you... Kelly Lavieri, CHHC, CNS, AADP  
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