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How Are Weight and Relationships Linked?

One of the hidden causes of overeating and weight-gain is relationships: Whether it's with co-workers, family, friends, or spouses and significant others, both the joy and pain we experience in our relations with others can deeply affect what, when, why, and how we eat. Emotions and stress, particularly in difficult or dysfunctional relationships, can cause us to reach out to food for love, support, and comfort. We may not even understand what is happening at the time we make the food choice. One of the best ways to gain self-awareness and insight into these connections is by keeping a food diary. Or if writing things down seems too time-consuming, start by just paying attention to how this idea might play out in your daily life. Be open to the possibility that change may have to occur within your relationships in order to see change happen in yourself and with your weight. How do you feel food is affected by your relationships, and vice versa? 
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