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Daily Steps to Better Health with Kelly

Is chewing your food really important? No matter how good your diet might be or NOT be at this moment, taking time to chew your food matters. For example, did you know that the starch or sugars from a potato are of absolutely no nutritional value until the enzyme in your mouth (amylase) and your small intestine have broken them down into simple sugar that the body can absorb and distribute to your cells. This is true for all of our macronutrients..protein, carbohydrates and fats. It all starts with chewing your food well. Be mindful of the process and help your digestion by chewing your food at least 30 times. Wow! that seems like a lot, but most of us gulp our food or chew to fast. Make a point to enjoy the fruit of your labor in the kitchen or restaurant meal. Enjoy the abundant colors, smell the aroma and take the time to enjoy every morsel by chewing your food completely. It takes 20 minutes for your brain and gut to realize your full. Being mindful of chewing your food will allow you to eat just what your body is needing. Let me know your ideas for slowing down and eating well. Kelly Lavieri, CHHC, CNS 
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